Morten Lundrup

Morten Lundrup was born in 1976 in Copenhagen, Denmark. His latest project Höst embraces the colors of nature and the tranquility of the Swedish forest. Over the past several years, he has spent many hours in nature's landscape. His clear fascination with nature has always been in the many colors, and not so much in the various motifs that nature contains.

After photographing portraits for many years, it was time for Morten Lundrup to find peace in nature and develop a new style of images, photographed in Danish and Swedish forests. His wish and hope with the art project Höst is to give people an opportunity to stop and look at the picture. Turn off your brain for a short while and forget about everyday chores.

“The more calm I have found in myself, the more I want to photograph beautiful abstract things. Project Höst is the first art project I have photographed that does not have a self-developing aspect to it, other than stopping and enjoying the natural colors and shapes that nature has provided for our enjoyment.”

Selected Exhibitions

Soho Office, Copenhagen, Denmark

Art Monday, Copenhagen, Denmark

Cafe Bang & Jensen, Copenhagen, Denmark


Photographer's assistant in London, UK and New York, USA

Educated by advertising photographer Leif Schiller and the Photography School in Copenhagen, Denmark