Carolien Wissing

Carolien Wissing was born in 1976 in Aalten, the Netherlands. She paints with a subdued color palette and creates large landscapes. She reproduces small forgotten houses, valleys and captures the tranquility of nature. There is an interplay between man and nature, creation and movement, control and chaos. It is an instinctive human need to feel connected to nature.

Carolien Wissing is a trained architect and draftsman at the Art Academy Constantijn Huygens, Kampen, the Netherlands. After her studies, she regularly traveled abroad, for longer periods. From North and South America to Asia and Africa, but also in Europe. She built houses in the Pyrenees and trained horses in Iceland. Many of her landscapes have their origins in one of these places, where the existence of culture fades and slowly passes into the rules of nature and random architecture.

Carolien Wissing – Art Venture Nomadic (video)

Selected Exhibitions

Gallery Nørballe, Middelfart, Denmark

Works Art Fair, Godsbanen, Aarhus, Denmark

Art Fair, Art The Hague, The Hague, The Netherlands
Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle, Netherlands

Join the Dots, Benetton Collection, Trieste, Italy

Air Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Art Venture, Art Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Made in Amsterdam, Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Affordable Art Fair, Kromhouthal, Amsterdam, Netherlands


1995 – 2000
Art Academy Constantijn Huygens (ArtEZ University of the Arts), Kampen, The Netherlands